Thursday, September 27, 2012

Technorati Verification

CahPriokPost - Technorati Verification - I made this article to have Technorati verification by adding the token I get, 2Y3BCVSDHUQK.


That's all folk.

Get Educated

CahPriokPost - Get Educated - Here is how student of Cicaringin 3 State School, District Mount Kencana, Lebak, Banten pursue Ciliman steel wire across the river while going to school. Lags government infrastructure must be willing to make them walk six kilometers to go home to get to school and at risk of falling into the river.

Get Educated

Rossi's Helmet New Design

CahPriokPost - Rossi's Helmet New Design - 9 times world champion Valentino Rossi's motorcycle racing has a new helmet to accompany him in the 2012 season. Interestingly, branded headwear AGV is reportedly designed by Rossi called 'Project 46'.


About Ducati Panigale 1199

CahPriokPost - Ducati Panigale - Ducati Panigale 1199 ready to fight the big Superbike rely 195 PS. This motorcycle has a "row" list of the most sophisticated electronics, which make convenient and can save motorists. As emphasized Torchio during the launch that in working on this project, engineering excellence, emotions, and aspects of the brand converge, resulting in an outstanding product.

Ducati Panigale 1199

Piaggio Fashion Style

CahPriokPost - Piaggio Fashion Style - Enrico Piaggio would be proud, if they could see the development of the motorcycle work was 'booming' in many countries such as Indonesia. The intention to make the motor as supporting the mobility proved very beneficial.

During its development, the current owner Vespa become an identity in lifestyle. It looks fashionable and modern from generation to generation resulting Vespa community is not faded. In addition, many variations or equipment 'sweetener' which makes the motor from the State Pizza can be seen 'intact' with it owner.


Mick Doohan Safety Riding

CahPriokPost - Mick Doohan Safety Riding - After not racing in MotoGP track again, Mick Doohan now busy campaigning to ride safely.

Mick Doohan Safety Riding

Rainy Season Tips For Riders

CahPriokPost - Rainy Season Tips For Riders - The rainy season has arrived and for the citizens of Jakarta, be prepared to face the floods that hit many points in the capital. Well if your users need to go through the motor and the motor floods strike, it's a few tips that should be done so that the motor back running.

When the flood, many motors are 'collapsed' and had to face the reality of his bike broke down. When that happens, do not panic. There are some parts of the motor that you should check when it occurs as first aid.


Jorge Lorenzo Tips

CahPriokPost - Jorge Lorenzo Tips For Riders - The rainy season has arrived. Of course caution should be paramount for the safety of yourself and also maintain the safety of other road users. In this condition did not need special skills, origin vigilant and pay attention to the condition of the motor, you will be safe on the road.

Jorge Lorenzo Tips

3 Way To Caring Motorcycle Injection

CahPriokPost - 3 Way To Caring Motorcycle Injection - Many of the people who assess caring injection engine is more difficult than caring for motorcycle carburetor. When in fact not the case.