Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Way To Caring Motorcycle Injection

CahPriokPost - 3 Way To Caring Motorcycle Injection - Many of the people who assess caring injection engine is more difficult than caring for motorcycle carburetor. When in fact not the case.


Care in some way to clean the injection motors are:
  1. By replacing the Fuel Filter Pump
  2. Cleaning injectors using injector Tester tool. Where the injectors cleaned by removing the injector and injector tester memalui cleaned. And the tool is also able to find out how much power injector sprays issued. This tool is used for the area because it takes more time.
  3. Clean the injection using a 3M Injector Cleaner. Injector cleaner should have a pressure fuel pump according to the variant of yamaha. For example, for a variant of the V-Ixion pressure should be 250 kPa, and when Mio J pressure should be 324 kPa.
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  1. I do have unhappy experience for this matter but thanks to you I know what to do.