Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jorge Lorenzo Tips

CahPriokPost - Jorge Lorenzo Tips For Riders - The rainy season has arrived. Of course caution should be paramount for the safety of yourself and also maintain the safety of other road users. In this condition did not need special skills, origin vigilant and pay attention to the condition of the motor, you will be safe on the road.

Jorge Lorenzo Tips

Yamaha MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo got his way. According to the driver the world who are also lovers of this sport to be aware of is the attention to motorcycle tire. Jorge rated tire is very important in driving the motor especially in the rain arrives. "When the rain in urban areas over slick tire grip. Therefore the quality of the tires is important so that more tread to the road," said Lorenzo.

He tried to compare urban riding motorcycles and riding a motorcycle when it rains the track. He is not much different condition. Contours are equally slippery roads as there is an oil spill. "Riding a motorcycle in the city when it rains like no oil spills or oil, it is very slippery as on the track., And must be very careful," said the Barcelona football club lovers.

Furthermore, in everyday must also consider the condition of the vehicle or brake. Men who like the band Red Hot Chili Peppers was suggested that periodically check the braking system to stay fit. "Brakes also touched considered. Perform periodic brake checks. Addition, we have to be careful driving in the rain," said Jorge.

And he's the last suggestion is do not use the motor too fast and aggressive when it was raining. Because it's about your life. "Do not be too fast. Arrange throttle opening, do not be too aggressive," numbered 99 riders cover it.
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