Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rainy Season Tips For Riders

CahPriokPost - Rainy Season Tips For Riders - The rainy season has arrived and for the citizens of Jakarta, be prepared to face the floods that hit many points in the capital. Well if your users need to go through the motor and the motor floods strike, it's a few tips that should be done so that the motor back running.

When the flood, many motors are 'collapsed' and had to face the reality of his bike broke down. When that happens, do not panic. There are some parts of the motor that you should check when it occurs as first aid.


The first step when the motor broke down after the floods hit is to stay calm and find a shady spot or a place that allows you to freely inspect the mounts you. After that, remove the equipment that is usually the default standard motor such as a screwdriver or key plugs.

Then check your engine spark plugs. Because usually this part tends to damp after the flood. Drain plugs and a spark plug in the engine. How to stay put fabric into the hole and use the last spark chamber kick starter a few times to let the urge of the engine pushing the water out.

Also check the air filter your motorcycle. Because usually after the flood, this component will be wet when enforced will make your bike 'stale' when turned on later. When the inside of the air filter is usually in the form of foam or filter looks wet, then only temporarily dislodged the air filter. Only when I got home air filter was dried and reassembled.

Also resetting the settings gasoline composition and the wind is in the carburetor. Use a screwdriver to do it and notice the sound and response of your motor engine to find the right setting. Try to turn and get back on the move. But after arriving at the office or at home, do not forget to dry in the sun and winds last air filter, having felt dry, plug it again as before.

And not least, try to check your motor oil. Because usually when a flood occurs, water can seep into the oil which will make oil mixed with water. When that happens, oil color usually turns white.

Do not panic. For starters, you drain the motor oil space. That you can do yourself.

How, to prepare the container for the oil that has been bleached it. Remove the oil. After that, buy 1 liter of gasoline and pour half of it into the oil. Then use the kick starter back to pumping gas into the oil channels that may also have entered the water. It is useful to push the water out and gathered in the oil.

After the kick starter a few times, remove the gasoline from the oil through the hole in the bottom of the machine, where the oil usually issued when an oil change. Then do the same with the armed half-liter petrol that had been left. Then after all is complete and if you have a compressor, spray it with oil chamber winds. After that, put new oil into the new space in the clear earlier. And your motor has made herself ready.

Those things can be done alone, and for first aid after the floods. After 2-3 days, double check your motor oil, whether white, if so, there is still water left. Replace the oil back earlier. And that, after all, come to a formal workshop for opinion further treatment.
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